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Following a successful summer European/UK tour and a festival season of all acapella voice/electronic/live looping performances, Rick is excited to release his third CD, FAUX VOIX.

The CD uses both experimental live vocals, processed in real time with live looping gear and real time digital signal processing. It relies on the use of several experiments in minimalistic singing styles that he has been refining, including Warble Singing, Hum Singing, Chest, Lip and Throat manipulated Overtone singing, Trill singing, Hum Whistling, Whistle Humming (there is a difference [chuckle]), Gutteral overtone singing, Hissing, Shhhhhh-ing, Chhhhhh-ing, Faux Industrial Beat Box, Hip Hop Beat Boxing through vocally simulated effects, Vocal Glitching and Stuttering techniques, Gargling, Moaning, Whimpering, Screaming, et. al.

The record also has several experiments with the use of Computer Voice-to-Text editors and other programs that simulate vocals and vocal timbral manipulation. Rick downloaded several different pairs of computer voice simulations from many different cultures (German, Portugese, Korean, English, Japanese, Italian, French, Russian) and worked with hundreds of examples of random and composed vowel combinations to generate faux lead vocals and rhythm tracks.

The CD is a major departure from his earlier work but still involves the strong rhythmic and compositional formalism that marks his earlier work. It is available for $10 (p + h included inside the continental US, outside please add $1.00 USD for postage) by writing to

listen here (audio is in mp3 format)

Complete Track Listing

  1. Martian Party Music 03:54
  2. Faux Voix #1 (live performance at Bay Area Voice and Electronic Thingee) 06:34
  3. Chris Slice Funk 01:36
  4. It Makes You Think 02:17
  5. Faux Voix #2 (live performance excerpt from Woodstockhausen Festival) 03:43
  6. Sweeping Mary 01:38
  7. Faux Voix #3 (live performance from the Firenze Live Looping Festival) 04:36
  8. I'll Never Be The Same 01:01
  9. Faux Voix #4 (live performance excerpt from Woodstockhausen Festival) 04:52

total running time: 30:19

all songs ©2003 Loop.pooL

Dedicated to the memory of my beloved mother Mary Lee Jensen/Walker (1927-2003) who was always a source of encouragement and undying support to me. I couldn't have done this without your love.


I would like to thank the support of my wife, Christine Wedertz; my brother and frequent teacher, Bill Walker; the love of the rest of my entire family (Dad, Allee, Ken, Nancy).

I'd also like to especially thank David Zicarelli and David Fitzpatrick and everyone at Cycling 74 for the use of Max/MSP, Pluggo, Radial, Jitter and Ms. Pinky, all innovative software programs; Michael Logue and everyone at Antares for the use of the revolutionary KANTOS pitch-to-synth software; Matthias Grob, Kim Flint, and GIBSON for the use of the Echoplex EDP (and the EDP Jedi warrior Andre LaFosse for his inspiration and technical assistance); and Dan Spirlock and the people at BIAS for the use of Peak and V-Box.

I would like to acknowledge all the wonderful live loopers that I've played with in the US, Europe and the UK, but especially the wonderful people who made my summer 2003 tour such a memorable and life changing event: Per Boysen (Stockholm), Paul Marshall (Belfast), Gareth Whittock (Swansea, Wales), Steve Lawson and Paul Shearsmith (London), Stuart Wyatt and April King (Paris), Michael Peters (Cologne), Leander Reininghaus and Andreas Willers (Berlin), Luis Angulo and the Bokle (Radolfzell), Matthias Grob (Zurich by way of Brazil), Bruno Kleinefeld (Milan), Massimo Liverani (Florence) and Luca Formentini (Lago Di Garda).

I'd also like to thank Kim Flint and the wonderful and crazy loopers at Loopers Delight. None of this amazing year would have happened without you.

Please support all of these innovative and creative people: buy their software, buy their hardware. Buy their CDs and go to their concerts...................tell other people about them.

Thanks, Rick

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