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Loop.pooL is live looping artist Rick Walker's self-titled abstract downtempo electronica release. Fans of Autechre, Boards of Canada, Richie Hawtin and Aphex Twin will probably enjoy the minimalistic formalism and use of unusual and exotic sounds on this project.

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Complete Track Listing

  1. Trois Voix 04:33
  2. Five Days Missing 04:08
  3. The Box 06:05
  4. Adani 03:06
  5. Filament 03:57
  6. Walkabout 03:55
  7. 75 Seconds in 75 Minutes 01:16
  8. Voice Box 03:53
  9. I Never Knew 03:24
  10. Storm of the Century 08:26
  11. 75 Seconds in 7.5 Minutes 01:17
  12. Attack of the Dot Com Millionaires 01:40
  13. Winter Passes 05:25
  14. Dead Century 04:57
  15. The Sadness of Leaving 01:59
all songs ©2001 Rick Walker
recorded,produced and mixed entirely on a PC computer by Rick Walker
at Purple Hand Studios, Santa Cruz, California

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