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"Translucent Dayglo Lime Green Plastic" is the culmination of three years of solo live looping shows. The pieces were chosen from 50 live shows, with Rick playing over 45 instruments on 22 tracks.

cd cover photo by Dan Riedel

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Complete Track Listing

  1. "Green Tubes"
  2. For the Victims of the World Trade Center (Improvisation for Prepared Guitar-September 14th, 2001)
  3. "Vibrators/Glasses/Tuned Bass Harmonics"*
  4. "Dayglo Green Fans and Whirlie Gigs"
  5. "It's a Bau" (with Sonica)
  6. "Dayglo Green Tubes and Overtone Pipes"
  7. "Pitch Shifted Vocals and Dayglo Green Recorder"
  8. "Soup Pot, Toy Saxophone and Dayglo Green Choir"
  9. "Blue Glass"
  10. "Dayglo Green Personal Fans"
  11. "Prepared Guitar"
  12. "Liquid Glass Ghatam and Native American Drone Flute"
  13. "Hammered Bass Harmonics"
  14. "Kawasaki Toy Keyboard and Dayglo Green Recorder"
  15. "2nd Repeater Experiment"
  16. "Mikeyphone and Suling" (Indonesian Pentatonic Bamboo Flute)
  17. "Blue Glass" (with Gary Regina and Sue Cole) improv
  18. "Brass Candy Dishes"
  19. "Dayglo Green Recorder"
  20. "Dayglo Green Frisbees and Dayglo Green AM Radio"
  21. "Pint Glasses Sliding Down a Rusted Steel Rod and Brass Candy Dishes"
  22. "Thanks a Lot"
* I pride myself on owning the county's largest collection
of vibrators that are not used for anything but music!
--all songs ©2002 Rick Walker--

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